How to reduce your website load time?

Nobody likes a slow website. Page speed is one of the important factors of the website. Slow website kills conversions. A study says that if your website takes 3 seconds to load, you lose almost 50% of your website visitors. I’m sharing some of the best tricks to improve website loading speed.

Optimize Images

Optimizing images is one of the best ways to reduce the load time of a website. Make sure that you’re using compressed images which should not be larger than they need to be. Use .png format instead if .jpg. Use CSS to create buttons and simple backgrounds instead of images.

Use a CDN

Using a CDN will help you to reduce the load time of your website. CDN cuts bandwidth and delivers web content to the users based on their geographic locations.

Enable Caching

Website caching generates static files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. Which helps you to reduce website load time effectively.

Minify CSS, Javascript & HTML

Removing spaces from your codes is the best practice to reduce the load time of your website.
If your WordPress website is taking too much time to load, Contact us


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